The ideal space of IDO investment

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We understand the suffering of IDO investment with tier system

Seedtopia is an IDO co-investment platform that aims to break the barrier of investment in blockchain innovations and create more accessibility for investors

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The new opportunities of IDO co-investment


More allocation with less risk

The investors can reach a higher tier by our co-investing with others that make the investors get more allocation than yourself


More accessibility

We offer a new channel that make more accessibility than other platform to access IDO token


More convenient

We offer IDO optimizer to buy&sell IDO token for investors and miximize the profit as well

To play a fair game in an unfair world

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Our solutions


IDO Co-investing

The investors deposit their money to our pools for co-investing with others to invest in other IDO launchpads through the Seedtopia Launchpad pools


DAO Vote

Our platform is driven by the investor, the investor can vote for setting the Seedtopia's direction and the IDOs that should be invested


IDO Optimizer

The Seedtopia will buy and sell IDOs following the investors voting results and make the IDO selling process more convenient for maximizing the investor’s profit



If you stake our governance token in the Seedtopia, you can recieve resturn form revenue sharing and more benefits from the growing funds. Moreover,we offer an excluesive benefit for our stakers


Seedtopia Roadmap

Q1-Q2 2022

Landing page

Seedtopia V.1

Seedtopia V.2

  • Launch our landing page

  • Social media channel

  • Whitepaper 

  • Community channel

  • Advisory onboard

  • Launchpad partnership

  • Launch our platform

  • 1st feature IDO co-investing & dashboard

  • Audit certification

  • airdrop & marketing campaign

  • Seedtopia token list on DEX

  • 2nd feature staking/LP  

    • Governance

    • Liquidity minnig

    • Protocol fee discount

  • Partnership onboard & open for project to apply

Q3-Q4 2022

Seedtopia 2.0

  • Decentralized VC fully launched

  • Seedtopia token listed on Exchange

  • Platform expand more than IDO  including  NFT & Metaverse project

  • DAO vote to manage the platform treasury

Q4 2022


  • Platform expand more than IDO  including  NFT & Metaverse project

  • DAO vote to manage the platform treasury

Q1 2023


  • DeFi partnership

  • Start invest deirectly to the blockchain company of project

  • Expand to the many areas


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